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Cognitive Scientist, Army Research Laboratory

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Misc | Dialog classifier

Are you a Kirk or a Spock?

Enter text in the box below to find out.

Text to classify:

A few notes:

  • I remove the following from your input:
    • .
    • ,
    • !
    • ?
    • :
    • ;
    • )
    • (
    • uppercase (everything is converted to lowercase)
    • very high frequency words
    • JavaScript reserved words
  • Your text will be compared to the text from this site.
  • This is still rather 'under constuction', someday I may clean things up or give the ability to chose episodes/characters.
  • Here is they python code I used to build js dictionaries of Kirk and Spock lines
  • Here is the JavaScript code this site is running to build a dictionary of your text and classify it (bag-of-words/VSM-stype)
  • </div>